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per Month
How to Get There????
% Increase   %%
Sales Boost$0$0
Lifetime Value of a Customer
ADollar Amount of Average Sale
BNo. of Sales per Year
CNo. of Years a Customer
DAdditional Customer Referrals per Year
E% of Referrals Who Become Customers
FGross Sales per Year per Customer (A x B)$0
GGross Sales Over Lifetime (F x C)$0
HNew Customers Annually from Referrals0.0
ILifetime Sales from Referrals (H x C x G)$0
JTotal Value of a Loyal Customer (I + G)$0
(Size of List)
Per Month
Response Rate
Avg Dollar
per Sale
Monthly RevenueAnnual Revenue
Sales Boost$0$0
Size of List
% Discount
Cost of Discount$0$0$0$0$0
Cost of Service
Current Statistics:
# Avg Appointments/Day# Open Appts/Day
Appt Capacity/Mo% Open Appts# Open Appts/MoAvg Dollar
Monthly Lost RevenueAnnual Lost Revenue
Lost Revenue0X0%=0X=$0$0
Percent Reduced Open Appts=0X$=$0$0
Less Cost of Service$0
Net Gain in Revenue$0.00$0
ROI ?%
 Customer Count Avg Dollar
per Sale
 Conversion /
Response %
 Monthly SalesAnnual Sales
How to Get There????
% Increase   %%
Revenue Boost$0$0
Additional Monthly Product/Service Cost $0
Net Revenue Increase $0$0
ROI  ?%

Please enter the data from your company here to determine how our service can increase your sales.

Sales Booster Tab

1. Customer Count:    per month

2. Avg. Dollar Per Sale:    what does the average customer spend per visit?

3. Purchases Per Month:     How many times does a customer come in to buy per month on average?
THEN…Click on ‘Calculate’

Customer Value Tab

  1. Dollar Amount of Average Sale: How much is the average sale?
  2. No. of Sales per Year: About how many sales per year do you enjoy now?
  3. No. of Years a Customer: How amny years do you think your avg. customer will stay with you?
  4. Additional Customer Referrals per Year: How many referrals will a customer send to your business?
  5. % of Referrals Who Become Customers: How many of the above will actually become new customers?

THEN…Click on ‘Calculate’

Advanced ROI (Return On Investment)

  1. Subscribers (Size of List): the number of email subscribers on your list.
  2. Promotions Per Month: How many promotions you will launch via email per month.
  3. Response Rate Percentage: What is the percentage of responders to the mailing?
  4. Avg Dollar per Sale: How much is the average sale per promotion?